Reinvent Yourself (#1)

Have you ever had a strong feeling from within of an inner power urgently demanding you to strive for a deeper level of personal growth? To attain a higher level of success in your life regarding your family, business, health, dreams, relationships, and goals? This power periodically gives you visions of the potential "new" you. This vision, or as some may call it, a daydream, shows you vivid glimpses of what you may become. Often times you become emotionally engaged in this vision to the point that for a brief moment, it appears real.

Once the vision has disappeared and you are again present in your current reality, the blissful feeling oftentimes seems as if it was an illusion. You begin to question your sanity and thoughts emerge that the vision was just wishful thinking, or maybe a fantasy. What was that? Is it possible for me to be that person and walk in that empowerment? What do i need to do to make that vision my reality? Reinvent yourself.

What it Takes
Reinventing yourself is a very powerful concept, but to attain that level of empowerment requires tremendous discipline, faith, a strong desire to change, and a strategic game plan. This concept applies to anyone that is stuck in a rut, plateauing in life, a recovering addict, bouncing back from a major hardship, just simply wants to grow as a person, or make a change to attain greatness. I seriously want this and it is exactly what I'm pursuing for my life. So if you apply these principles, then we are in this TOGETHER!

Before I dig into the meat of this powerful concept of reinventing yourself, let me explain to you that these are just my thoughts and all information pertaining to this newsletter have come strictly through my prayer and meditation time. I haven't researched this or obtained any information from any other outside source. With that being said,


Take Inventory

As I pondered my approach to reinventing myself, I first had to look at the state of my current reality versus the reality that I wanted to create. I looked into my current daily routine - from the time I woke up, to how I approached my day, to my time management, to my nutritional intake, to my thoughts throughout the day until I retired each night.
Through that experience, I realized that all of these factors are how I created my current state of life - both negative and positive. This explained the state of my current health, finances, how I treated others, the state of my business, my mindset, the direction I'm leading my family, my relationships, and so many other important aspects of life.
It became apparent that there is much work needed for me to create the better "Chris Downing" that I strongly desired to become.

Making the Mental Shift

This is the first and by far the most important step to any form of change because all things start with a thought. Every battle is won or lost in the mind. This step is the reason (I believe) many people give up, and never change or accomplish their dreams and goals.
You have to be very disciplined when it comes to mental focus and expect distractions to arise to deter you. These distractions could come in the form of negativity from those closest to you, your peers, or negative circumstances because change is powerful. People become intimidated by you and your desire to be better exposes their insecurities of what they're not willing to do to better themselves. So they find a reason to ridicule you.
In most cases, they gossip or bash you about things you've done in the past which are the very things that factored into your decision to reinvent yourself. They want to keep you in your current state. Trust me, I know all about that! Back to the game plan!

Starting Your Day Right

The key for me is waking up at 3am. It is the best time to pray and meditate. It is at that moment that my mind is at complete ease - opened to whatever God wants to tell me. I often get visions of everything I could become if I take that step in reinventing myself.
There is so much that happens during that time; You begin to appreciate life itself, your family, your gifts, your health, everything you've accomplished, everything you've overcome, and everything that you desire to be. You begin to see life differently, even if it's for that brief moment. It's so refreshing! It is a great time to be vulnerable to God, be emotional and let the tears run down your face. You know that even if it's for that moment, there's hope for better days, a chance to make it alright. You cleanse your soul and your spirit and allow that inner greatness that lies so deeply within you to manifest so you can walk out your purpose and everything you were created to be.
It's in those early hours that you're allowed to dream and it's ok, it's safe, and there's no persecution or ridicule. Prayer and meditation are where you build your mental identity and everything you desire to be. You can see yourself the way that God sees you despite what others say about you. You can make it all right in that precious time. You can reinvent yourself.

Spend some time this week meditating, and begin to see the you that you were meant to be!

Until next time,

Thomas Krueger