Reinvent Yourself (#2)

Last week I talked about the foundation and mental shift necessary to reinvent yourself.  This week, let's talk about the physical aspects.

Setting Boundaries

Here's what I did: I wrote down everything on a piece of paper; What I desired to look like physically, my new nutritional intake to sustain that physique, cosmetics, proper rest needed, and everything else pertaining to what I was trying to create with my new image. I also set a goal to read/listen to a minimum of two audio self-help books a month to enhance my growth.

As far as the nutritional aspect, I set boundaries as to what the "new" me eats, from regular meals, to cheat meals and snacks. If it doesn't pertain to sustaining the "new" me, then I simply can't eat it because it would be detrimental to me maintaining this new image. To go against these boundaries only gives me the opportunity to go back to my old ways and habits, which is the very thing that I don't want. I would be going backwards and I have to keep moving forward.

This strategy also pertains to any goal that you set for yourself to reinvent yourself. If your actions do not reflect what you are wanting yourself to become you CAN'T do It. It's no longer an option for you. You are a new person now! You can't reopen that door in your life. It's time for change! It may be hard at times but just DON'T GIVE IN, DON'T GIVE UP! You can do this! You have to set boundaries and stick to them.

I promise once you get a physical taste of the new reality you've created for yourself, you will never want to go back to your former ways and mindset. Life is just way too good for you on this level. Things that used to hurt or upset you won't affect you at all. Things that used to be hard for you will be a piece of cake because you're different now. You're a new person and you see life through different lenses. I'm not saying there won't be more challenges for you to overcome, be-cause there will be. The difference is you will have a different approach as to how you handled things in the past. You keep moving forward, keep growing, keep becoming even more successful, and keep reinventing yourself to an even higher level.

This stops when you want it to stop. When you no longer want to grow. As you change, your circle of influence will change also. You'll get rid of the lames of life and meet much better people that are on your level or higher and they will challenge you to be better.

It's Game Time

Ok everyone, IT'S GAME TIME! It's time to take action. It's time to reinvent yourself. Consistency is the key right now. If you're not consistent this won't work. This has to be a lifestyle. No going back! Write out your strategic plan. Look at it everyday. Meditate and pray on it everyday until it becomes your being. If you never thought the sun would shine your way or all you've ever known is empty promises and pain and you need a way out or some type of escape from your current situation or reality, then here you go! This is the answer to the questions and prayers you've been requesting. Reinvent yourself and create the best life for yourself and family. You can do it! I love you and believe in you with all of my heart. Until next time,

Thomas Krueger