Take Time to Reflect (#4)

One of my biggest downfalls as a person is I rarely take time kick back, relax and truly take in all that's transpired in my life and the journey in which I've traveled personally and professionally. There are times when I'd take a peak and/or glimpse at my personal life to reevaluate things and try to make changes as needed, but I almost never relax, reflect, or revisit the journey of my professional life past and present. The reason being is I was always afraid that if I ever attained a certain level of success, I'd either become complacent and think that I've arrived, and therefore lose my drive to always strive to be even better, or simply just not be able to handle the pressures of success and the attention that comes with it.

I took a mental journey to look deeper into this and here are my thoughts.  During the time my uncle was so adamant about me pursuing personal training, and having dreams and visions about what he described as "this gym" and all the success it was having, he was also going through probably one of the toughest times of his life. He had recently suffered a mild heart attack 4-5 months prior to the heart attack that took his life, in addition to going through one of the worse financial crises he'd ever faced and was working extra hours/days at the The Hoover Company to get out of his financial turmoil. Finally he received a bad medical report that the doctors had found asbestos on his lungs. My uncle and I talked at least 4-5 times a week and he never ended a conversation without mentioning personal training in some way. Here's a man that was completely down on his luck and instead of slipping into some form of depression, which he had every right to, he's having dreams and visions about me.

What if i would've never listened to him, I thought. Did my uncle know that his days were numbered? What were his daily prayers to God? Did he ask God to allow him to hold on just a little bit longer until he planted enough seeds in me to pursuing personal training? Or was it God himself who influenced my uncle to help me find my purpose?  Maybe it was all of the above. I told you guys that I am a thinker. Let's continue.

Although I may never know the answers to the above questions, or the thoughts and prayers of my uncle during the final moments of his life, what I do know is the veil has been removed from my eyes. A gift that I use so effortlessly and comes very easily to me (and I have to admit to this point have taken for granted at times) is the very thing that has changed many lives. Now that I humbly and truly see the potential and responsibility that comes with this amazing gift, I'm even more determined to make a bigger impact on the lives of my athletes, clients, gym members and the community, either through personal training, speaking, or writing these newsletters. I love all of you and it's time for us to make a shift. Is there someone in your life adamant about you pursuing something and is it for all the right reasons? Give it some thought! Some of you out there are just an arms length away from the answers you've been desperately seeking. The very answers that will completely enlighten you and change the course of your life forever. I want this for you more than you'll ever know. I want you to be happy and fulfilled in every aspect of your life.  Join me in this quest, doing your part to love, empower, and inspire those that cross your path in this lifetime. I may not personally know all of you that subscribe to receive these newsletters but I can feel in my spirit that some of you really need a break and you need it NOW! I mean it from my heart when I say that this life can be really good despite what we've done in the past or what we've been through. Every second of the day is an opportunity for us to make a change, and every second you choose to change, you choose the new you.  Wow! That's so powerful. We can have it all guys.

I say this BOLDLY because this is what my uncle used to tell me. He constantly reminded me that if I truly put 100% focus and passion into my heart's desires the outcome would be breathtaking. I get it now and even though I had never put 100% in my modeling, acting or personal training, I accepted the challenge he placed before me and in his memory, settling for mediocracy is no longer an option. My question to you is, who's coming with me?

Until next time! God Bless you!

Chris D. Downing

Thomas Krueger