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* 6 Week Summer Prep


* The 30 Day Trainer


* Corporate Wellness Partner Program



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Imagine A Fitter, Healthier You in Just 6 Weeks!


On April 15th It's time to get "Summer Body Ready"  and this 6 Week Program is all about Health & Wellness.

This program will feature 3 Live Workouts (with replay available) and 3 Prerecorded Workouts. ALL WORKOUTS WILL BE 25-30 Minutes Long.

The workouts will consist of 4 Strength & HIIT  trainings with Chris Downing, Yoga one day a week with the amazing Suzanne Knoll, and Boxing Training Workouts one day a week with Professional Boxing Trainer Deon "Coach D" Montgomery from FFLA (Fight Fitness LA.) Coach D has worked with former world champions in both boxing and the MMA World.

6 Week Summer Prep will also come with 6 Weeks of Mindset Coaching every Monday night at 8pm Est. live on zoom. Each week you will be coached by Chris on a topic that will have a positive impact on your mindset. These topics will motivate you to continue to push yourself during your workouts to ensure that you are "Summer Body Ready" at the end of 6 weeks.

6 Week Summer Prep will also come with a meal plan, workout calendar, and will be available no later than April 8th 2024.

For more information about 6 Week Summer Prep please email [email protected]

Purchase 6 Week Summer Prep +TWO Free Programs ONLY $50.00 ($100.00 Savings)
Purchase 6 Week Summer Prep And Get To Additional Programs Over The Edge & Program 21:90 For Free

* Over The Edge Is A 6 Week Program.

* Program 21:90 Is A 90 Day Program.

Program 21:90


This 90 Day Fitness Program Is Promising And Has Already Produced Phenomenal Results Worldwide..


It Takes 30 Days To Create A Habit.

It Takes 90 Days To Make That Habit Permanent.


Learn More About Program 21:90

Meet Dee Smith!


Along with many other amazing people who have done Program 21:90, Dee has also gotten some pretty amazing results as well.
This video was shot after her first 4 weeks results of the 12 week program.
As of week 10 Dee has lost a total of 26lbs and 16 inches. She's very excited to see what her week 11 & week 12 results will be as she completes the program.

The 30 Day Trainer


Personal Training With Chris Downing Via Livestream For 30 Days.


✅ All Training Sessions Are Livestream


✅ 12 Personal Training Sessions 3X Weekly

✅ Workouts Are 30-35min

✅ Customized Workouts Plan

✅ Standardized Meal Plan

✅ 20 Minute Live Weekly Checkin Calls


What Makes The 30 Day Trainer Unique And Different?


✅ All Sessions Are Recorded , Edited , And Uploaded To Your Account For Lifetime Access


✅ Bonus (Optional) You May Also Add Music Of Your Choice To The Recorded Workout Session In Post Production To Listen To While Your Workout The Next Time You Access The Session


For More Questions About The 30 Day Trainer Text 323-480-0732 or email [email protected]
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Corporate Wellness Partner Program


Partner With Chris?


Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Corporate Wellness

Health & Wellness

"If you LOOK good. You FEEL good".


What brings out the best in your employees or residents?


Fitness Programs, Live Workout Classes and much more.


Easy Access! No Hassle!  This is what Chris Downing provides all at your fingertips.

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