Sometimes All You Need Is For Someone To Believe In You.

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Sometimes All You Need Is For Someone To Believe In You.

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Lose 10lbs. Days In 30 Days.

Starts April 9th -May 9th 2024


Lose 10lbs. In 30 Days and I will GIVE you two of my most popular fitness  programs Over The Edge and Program 21:90 for FREE. That's right.. Lose 10lbs. In 30 Day and I'll give you both of these motivating programs for FREE for a LIFETIME and you get to stream both programs for FREE as well.

No Hassle! No Gimmicks! No Subscription Needed!

What's the catch? There's no hidden agenda. I simply want to help you lose 10lbs before the summer and reward you by giving you two of my most popular fitness programs when you lose the 10lbs.


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Program 21:90


Jan 2, 2024 - April 1, 2024

The first 90 days of the new year is the first quarter and extremely important when it comes to accomplishing any goals you have for that year. The first quarter is best time to change your mindset, re-invent yourself, and take yourself to the next level.

Your 90 Day Commitment To Yourself.

You've taken care of everyone else. You've put everyone else first. You've shouldered their burdens. You've tried to "fix" everything only to leave no motivation, ambition, or desire to do the things you've needed to do for yourself.

Your 90 Day Commitment To Change.

It's time to change. 2024 will be your healthiest and most fit year of your life.


Program 21:90 Ends April 1, 2024. You Can Join At Anytime. Click Learn More For Details And Sign UP Today!!

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Learn More About Program 21:90

I'm Proud To Introduce To You My Healthy Bean Organic Coffee.


The Healthiest Coffee On The Planet.

Start Your Day With A Cup Of 100% Certified USDA Organic  Coffee With Great Taste, Low Acid Tested At 6.2pH, Much Easier On Your Stomach Improving Your Gut Health, 9x Antioxidant, and infused with superfoods.

Learn More About Healthy Bean Organic Superfood Coffee
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Over The Edge.

8 Week Fitness Program

is a 8 Week Fitness Program with a performance based nutrition plan. Over The Edge is broken down in 4 Phases with a combination of cardio, strength, and core workouts that has been proven to get you results such as lose weight, build lean muscle, and boosting your confidence to develop a positive mindset. This is so much more than a fitness workout. Chris will be motivating you while challenging you mentally and emotionally to develop the Greatest Version Of You. That's going Over The Edge.
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Partner With Chris?


Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Corporate Wellness

Health & Wellness

"If you LOOK good. You FEEL good".


What brings out the best in your employees or residents?


Fitness Programs, Live Workout Classes and much more.

Easy Access! No Hassle!  This is what Chris Downing provides all at your fingertips.

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Chris Downing Films Sports Videography.

Team And Individual Highlight Reels

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Join Chris Downing's Gym

The Chris Downing Gym is a 24hr facility located at 3200 Lee St. NW Canton, Ohio 44720

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Private Coaching with Chris

Schedule your session today!

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Are you ready to experience cardio, strength, core, and endurance workouts that are low impact for ALL fitness levels?

Celebrity Fitness Trainer and world renowned motivator Chris Downing's “CD Climb Live” classes are located at 3200 Lee Street North Canton, Ohio 44720 Door D. 

Learn More About CD Climb LIVE

Want A 


Coach In A Group Setting?

Consider joining our Power Of I Am Weekly Sessions Live On Zoom.

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