30 Day Fitness Challenge
*Lose 10lbs. in 30 Days
or *
Complete 30 Of My Workouts In 30

This Is How It Works!


1. Pay $10.00 To Join The Challenge (One Time Payment)

2. Get Full Access To Both Over The Edge & Program 21:90 For Entire 30 Day Challenge For Free. (92 Total Workouts To Choose From).

* Instead Of " Try Them Before You Buy Them" ... It's More Like... " Try Them Before I Give Them to You".

3. Meal Plan Available If Needed.

4. Lose 10lbs. In 30 Days Or Complete 30 Of My Workouts In 30 Days.

5. Get rewarded by receiving both Over The Edge (6 Week Program), and Program 21:90 ( 12 Week Program) For FREE.

6. Join Our Private Facebook Group For Support, Track Your Progress And Accountability.

7. No App Fees!

8. No Subscriptions Needed!

** If You Already Own Both Or One Of The Programs You Can Still Participate.


Both of these programs are extremely motivating and will push you to be your best. Both programs have modifications as well if needed. Once you complete this challenge you will own both programs for a LIFETIME and also  stream both programs for FREE as well on my Chris Downing App downloadable on all major platforms and smart devices.


No Hassle! No Gimmicks! No Subscription Needed!


What's the catch? There's no hidden agenda. I simply want to help you lose 10lbs. or get back on track with your fitness before the summer and reward you by giving you two of my most popular fitness programs for a lifetime.



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