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Are you ready to experience cardio, strength, core, and endurance workouts that are low impact for ALL fitness levels?
Celebrity Fitness Trainer and world renowned motivator Chris Downing's “CD Climb Live” classes are located at 3200 Lee Street North Canton, Ohio 44720 Door D. 

Sound Off Fitness and Wellness

Chris Downing uses the Sound Off Headphones Technology for all of his CD Climb Workouts.  The Sound Off wireless headphones eliminate distractions thanks to noise isolation and crisp sound, enabling participants to focus on Chris's voice and instructions perfectly streamed over a pumped up playlist.  The Sound Off headphones stay comfortably in place through these high intensity Climb workouts.

CD Climb Live is so much more than a workout!

It’s a VIBE! It's an EXPERIENCE!


 Chris Downing’s CD Climb Live classes offers various options such as:
Intro Level Climb: This 30 minute beginners class is the perfect introduction to CD Climb Live.  If you are that person who just needs a quick 30 minutes to get a workout in, then this is the class for you. This class highlights the basics of climbing and our fundamental choreography with in-depth instruction.  The versatility of the climber allows these classes to be modified to expert level if desired.
Strength & Climb: For all levels of fitness that are seeking fitness goals to increase cardio capacity and strengthen total body while utilizing dumbbells with resistance intervals. This class is notorious for building lean muscle mass. The combination of weight training with cardio craziness of the climber will not only help you lose weight, but definitely peel the inches. Let’s climb!
HIIT & Climb: This boot camp style class along with utilizing the climber is next level circuit training. This class setting is full of energy, hard work, and determination to complete the reps at your pace. This class also will offer an opportunity to partner up with another gym member to conquer this climb challenge and circuit training together. This class is also supervised by Chris to encourage proper form and engagement. Let’s Go!
Hip Hop Climb: For the early morning/before work high achiever with a goal to increase cardio endurance & strengthen total body by properly climbing all resistance levels to achieve maximum heart zone rates. This  class is driven by old school hip hop music while creating an environment of fun and laughter while you sweat it out. What a way to start your day!
Sweat & Climb: Repeat after me - CARDIO. CARDIO. CARDIO. This class is for advanced cardiovascular levels of fitness with a goal to climb with a purpose, increasing resistance levels on and off the climber with exercises that are going to challenge you tap into that greatest version of YOU mindset. This is a 45 minute class. Are you ready to go to the level?
All Out Climb: HOLY SWEATFEST!! This class is for advanced cardiovascular levels of fitness with a goal to climb with a purpose, increasing resistance levels, on and off the climber exercises designed to increase calorie burn for fat loss and muscle endurance. This 60 min class is INSANE. Come prepared to work!
Lower Body HIIT & Climb: This class is a lower body burner. Legs and glutes on FIYAHHH🔥🔥 using the climber, fabric resistance bands along with body weight exercises. All exercises are muscle target specific. Be prepared to have shaky legs.
Box & Climb: This is A HIGH INTENSITY cardio class featuring boxing training interval combinations.  It is then taken up a notch by adding strength and resistance intervals on the climber. This class forces you to bring your "A" game. 
***Boxing gloves required to participate in this class. 




All of the CD Climb Live classes are highly motivating and will not only challenge you to give your best effort, but have been proven to burn up to 1000 calories or more in just ONE workout. Get ready to sweat, lose weight, get fit, or get even more fit than you already are.

It's time to become the greatest version of YOU! Are you ready?



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